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Hi Doctor
I am 57. I was unable to run for the last three years while I recovered from arthroscopic surgery on both my knees (I am a slow healer), and I was also heavier than I am now and less energetic. My  knees feel good now, I can run for extended periods without (much) pain-I did a couple test runs. BTW I use a treadmill as its just more conveniant for me. I purchased a good quality one with a cushioned deck. I think the old cheap one I had contributed to my knee issues. Anyhoo, I am tempted to run for 30 minutes on a daily basis. I feel this will speed up the weight loss. My wife says I should run every other day for 45 minutes, so my body has a chance to recover. I feel energetic enough to go every day, but it does seem wiser to have that rest. I am getting older and I dont need more soreness or injuries. Thanks for your thoughts!

Dear Bud,

I answered this question the next day you posted. Didn't go thru, so here you go......

This Orthopedic Chicago Podiatrist located in West Loop 60661, Roscoe Village 60618, Ukrainian Village 60622, Elmhurst 60126 & Bartlett 60103 says,
You can run daily, if your knees don't bother you. I would still give one day of rest for the week.
Forty-five minutes will aid in building your aerobic abilities. If you try 45 minutes, then limit it to 5 days a week. Two days on, one day rest, three days on, one day rest again.
It's OK if it takes a few weeks to get to those levels. Avoid training with the treadmill on an incline-since this may cause some injuries.
Hope this helps & Good Luck!

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