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Hi Doc
Five years ago I injured both knees playing soccer. The right one was a sprain, but the left one was the worst-it had a meniscus tear. It was starting to feel a bit arthritic before that as well. I had arthroscopic surgery done on that knee and two years later I am back running. It feels like a brand new knee! The surgeon mentioned that there was arthritis present, and he was able to remove some. Now, wouldn't you know, I am just starting to get my old running form back but now my RIGHT knee has started acting up-limiting my running. Feels kind of like the left one did. Would it be wise to see the surgeon and get my right knee scoped out, even though it is not actually that painfull or debillating just yet? I seem to respond well to this kind of surgery, I had an ankle done in my twenties which extended my hockey playing career. I dont want to come across as a surgery addict, but I am covered for this and taking time off to recover would not be an issue. Thanks for your thoughts!

Dear Bud,

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You're not committing yourself to surgery to go see the doctor who did the previous surgery. Go with the thought of a second opinion. Surgery may be beneficial once the risks are compared to the rewards. These can only be reviewed between yourself & your doctor. You can the decide.

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