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Firstly thanks for taking the time to read and answer my question.

Long story short I'm a keen runner who is struggling, big time. I've been fine, injury free and happy running for years with my usual event being a half marathon or full marathon distance. However, recently (since i turned about 30) I've had injury after injury and I'm struggling to get any distance. This year, I started after a long break (maybe about 12 months) after having problems with my ankles. I worked my way up to about 11 miles and bang, swollen ankle etc. again and I'm back having treatment (massage, ice, heat, stretch and strengthen all the usual).

Basically I'm thinking of finally trying the barefoot running stuff with either a minimal shoe or a five finger type. apparently they are the best way of running injury free (if you believe the Born to Run stuff).

I was curious if you had any experience with re-occurring injury's and ever tried barefoot running? Generally really what you think about it?

Many thanks

Dear Gareth

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Your best bet is to see a sports medicine doctor & see what's causing the swelling. If it's overuse secondary to being overweight or over-activity---then start with those two issue first. The shoes won't make a difference-unless your foot biomechanics are not optimal ( high arch, low arch, etc ) then possibly a custom made orthotic for running. Also try a sport with stretching, to mix in with the running. Perhaps Yoga. This will help keep you flexible. Most runners that I know are all tight-no matter how much they stretch,
Hope this helps &
Good Luck!

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