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John, Elton/1974 Australian tour dates


Trefor wrote at 2007-01-04 22:53:25
Finally found my answer thanks to this site and the question and answer. I was at that concert on a warm and sunny Summer evening, outdoors. What I remember most of all is Elton dressed in a most amazing costume as a Bird of Paradise and also everyone singing along for the encore: Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting. Thanks for the memory.

ing wrote at 2010-05-22 12:27:03
Hi Im 54, I went to the western springs 1974 I would say the best ever.I will never forget the start an have not seen much that even comes close.Thanks for reminding me .Mark.

adrian wrote at 2013-03-29 16:01:37
elton also appeared in adelaide on this tour i cant remember the date but he appeared at the memorial drive venue  

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