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Linda wrote at 2007-04-15 19:39:35
I am indeed Linda Woodrow, now Linda Hannon. Just for the record I have NOT been married 4 times. Would be interested to know where you got this incorrect information from.

Jim B wrote at 2007-04-22 00:37:43

I'm sure it is only 3 times you have been married. We must get the facts right mustn't we

ex Hub James

Oliver Sawford wrote at 2007-08-03 01:21:34
I am the son of Linda, And just for your info.our family is originally from England/Scotland not the US. Moms family owned Epicure foods not pickled onions.she has only been married three times, and she certainly was not responsible for turning Reg gay it obviously took him 25/30 years to figure out his own sexuality, and yes there were a couple songs inspired by mom, both Reg and mom know that,as far as having hostility  you'll have to ask Reg. These two haven't seen or spoken in over 35 years and every so often an untrue and onesided article comes out. Know one has ever printed the truth.I do belive mom tried to do something about the slander from Reg and Bernie she was told, You battle these guys you could lose everything. and as far as mom having any ill feelings none! she is happy for him, heck she would love to go to one of his concerts. Mom is single and does live in Texas w/ three sons James now 32 Oliver 29 and Alex 28 and two beautifl grands Matthew 3 and Tatum 2

pepper wrote at 2013-07-24 07:58:31
Just came across this and it burns me up!! Lindas son Oliver DID NOT write the above and I know this to be 100% factual! Im confused as to why she would pretend to be her son? What mother does that? He would be so embarrassed!  If she doesnt want the negative or misinformation out there about her then she needs to stop posting on websites or contacting the media.  

Linda wrote at 2013-08-14 16:48:37
This message is for Pepper. How dare you write something that you know supposedly 100% is not true that my son Oliver did not write the article. How wrong and nasty you are. My son did write this article, I have only just come across it today. The facts are true. Please do not post things that you know nothing about. Makes you look "like a miss know it all" but in fact no nothing.

Linda wrote at 2013-10-23 15:13:35
Just came across this article. I have never ever spoken to :People Magazine" I do not know where they get their information from. There was very little hostility between Elton and myself. We were very happy together. The only reason that we broke up was due to the fact that some of his friends knew of his sexual preferences and thought it best for him to end our relationship.

Move On wrote at 2014-04-12 15:50:09
Jesus H Christ. Just let the hostility die. No one has time for that. It was something that happened years ago and it is what it is. Someone is always going to have something negative to say, especially the media. And if Elton and Linda do or don't communicate it is no ones business but their own.  

Linda Hannon wrote at 2015-04-16 22:31:30
This goes to show how little you know about EJ and Linda. There was very little animosity going on. Please don't print things that you don't know the answer to and just read them in magazines. You should know that most articles are not true.

Tess wrote at 2016-07-07 22:33:04
Dear ma'am,

I was in a situation my lover (born on the exact same day and year as your former) was a good but flawed man. Being 13 yrs younger and naive I allowed myself to be put into an adult world trusting him completely . Then one night after a romantic interlude he said he cared for me as a friend ask me not to fall in with him because he's bisexual and will not remain faithful to me . I was stunned and upset but I told him I needed some time to myself . I was fine with his sexuality but the faithful part really hurt . God I was young  and just as confused  and no older sister or friend to talk to .  After a while I talked to him and decided friendship was better and he and I remained close friends until he passed away. I held him close the day before he thanked me for loving him as a friend that he loved me very much.  Things happen that are beyond our control,  I never read your entire story that is between you and Reg Dwight .  There is nothing to judge my Darling made his decision and I chose to accept it he had wonderful partner he remain faithful to. I've been married 33 years now I am content except for grieving the loss of my friend . I could have lost him forever had I walked away thank God I didn't...

John, Elton

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