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Hello , could you please give me an explanation of this recent x ray of my father's knee .  He is a 68 year old male.  He hit it on  a ball tow on his trailer just under the kneecap.  Thank you for your time.

    AP and lateral images of the right knee.  No fracture or dislocation is identified.  there is decreased height of the medial femoral tibial compartment,  and there is minor medial femorotibial spurring.  There is a moderately prominent supra patellar joint effusion.
 Mild degeneration changes of the right knee, most evident involving the medial compartment.  MODERATE SUPRAPATELLAR JOINT EFFUSION.
  Abnormality follow-up needed.    

This was his X-ray report but he wanted to understand it better.   Thank you again for your time.    
         Mr.  McGary

He says when he walks he can feel something moving in his knee. Where he hit it.

Hello Mr. McGary,

I hope I can be helpful with understanding your knee injury.  With the understanding that the reading of a single MRI can have differing opinions from Doctor to Doctor.  Here is my translation of the results:
1. Nothing is broken
2. There are minor signs of wear on the 68 year old knee (seems normal).
3. The knee is swollen

I'm not sure what he means when he says he can "feel something moving in his knee," but if he means he feels the patellar tendon (tendon directly below the kneecap) "creaking" a bit, then he probably needs to ice the knee and have his quadriceps released (they will pull on the patellar tendon when they are tight).  If it is knee pain or "something moving" is in the core of the knee it could be more serious, but when all the swelling goes down you will know better.  

If there is swelling then alternating ice and heat for 10-12 minutes each, at least once a day, 3-5 times a day even better, should help move things along.

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I do hope this helps.

All the best,

Gary Crowley  

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