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Hello Mr. Crowley,

I am a xx year old health man leading a happy life in India. I am an average height indian with a weight of 65kg. Usually i never do morning jog/run but when i do, I usually do it it fast and do more distance.

Since last month my right heel area is paining when i climb up stairs or walk fast or walk on my toes without heel touching the ground. This pain is sometimes felt actutely when i wake up in morning...when i take the first step out of my bed. After a few steps it seems like i don't feel it...but like i said earlier, i can feel the pain when i climb up the stair.

Request you to please let me know what can be done to alleviate this pain because I have stopped my daily morning jogging and seems like i am adding weight. Please let me know if you any further information.

best regards,

Dear Chandan,

The problem you describe is not uncommon, so hopefully what I recommend will be of benefit to you.

I don't think you've done anything too severe or your heel pain would most likely be more constant and more intense. I believe you probably have some inappropriately tight muscles that are negatively affecting the your heel.  But they may not be the ones you would commonly think of.

My completely free website, Do It Yourself Joint Pain Relief,
shows you how to fix most chronic joint pain issues.

For you, the main Heel Pain Treatment page would be best
There are three follow-along videos that give you techniques to provide the heel pain relief you're seeking.

Basically, I'll be showing you how to release all the inappropriately tight tissue that could be causing your heel pain.  For each person it may only be one or two of the things I show you, but you won't know what relieves your pain unless you run through them all.

If you think of all the muscles in your body like the rigging (ropes) on a big old-fashioned sailboat, then you can under how if some of the rigging (muscles) are too tight, and can negatively affect your body's ability to properly function.

From your description, I would recommend you do a good job on the techniques to release your lower back and hips and hamstrings, since quite often the your L5 and S1 that ultimately innervate your heel are being pulled on all the way up above, but you only feel it in your heel.

I do believe following along with the 3 videos should help you relieve your heel pain.

All the best,

Gary Crowley  

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