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my posture
my posture  

I sincerely need help with a issue I have, im 21 years old male. After many months I noticed, my left foot is over pronated, I tend to have knee pain only on my left knee, and infraspinatus pain on my left shoulder, moreover I tend to have a pelvic imbalance where my pelvis is a bit lower on my left side. Also my left leg is always locked when i stand but when i flex my left knee my posture improves and i stand much straighter And when I tighten flex my left glute muscle i think it is the gluteus medius. my posture realigns and I stand straighter and my left shoulder rises and levels properly with my right shoulder. The same also happens when I flex my abs which I believe engage my glutes. I tend to have low back pain when I i do side lying raises for glute medius exercises. I get left lower back pain this doesn't happen with my right side. I tried to be specific as possible I attached a picture of a image I found on the internet and that is very similar to the posture I have. hopefully I can get a answer from you, which I would really love and cherish please and thank you.


Hello Ali,

I appreciate the specific details you provided in your answer.  The image you attached is also very helpful.

With all the detail you provided, you obviously have an understanding of how the structure of a human body ideally presents itself vs. what you see in the mirror. Just so you know, not many people can see and understand the things you described at the level that you do.

Okay, so if you take a moment and think of all the muscles in your body like the rigging (ropes) on an big old-fashioned sailboat, you can begin to understand, that all the rigging (muscles) in your body must be able to flex and relax in a way that allow us to stand, sit, walk, etc.  

If the tension in some muscle groups to too high it will start to twist and distort your structure and functionality because bones only go where muscles pull or hold them.  Bones are basically chunks of calcium that do not move on there own.  It is muscles that determine where and how your structure aligns itself.

I talk about this in greater detail on my totally free website,
where I also have follow along videos for every type of joint pain in the body.  Even though you did not mention that you are in pain, I do think the main Lower Back Pain page
and the main Shoulder Joint Pain page
would be good places to start.
Knee Pain and Foot Pain videos will also help with the other issues you mentioned,

If you follow along with my free videos I do think you will notice your structure change.  You will find that you can literally "sculpt" your body to have a better, more functional structure.

And because you mentioned so many items, you may want to consider seeing a practitioner of Structural Intergration in Ontario.  There will be a few to choose from, so if you do, go to someone who has been doing the work for at least 5 years, preferrably 10.    You can find them at these two websites:

Both working on yourself or seeing someone else can change your structure dramatically.

Just a thought, but because I think you may have natural a gift for seeing and understanding structure, you may want to consider training in Structural Integration at either of the two organizations above to become a practitioner. Not many people naturally notice all the things you described.  You can really help a lot of people with the gift you seem to have.  Again, just a thought.

All the best,

Gary Crowley  

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