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Hi Gary,
I have elbow pain on my right arm. I play golf and hurt most when I have  bad shots from the sand bunker. No pain with other shots. I strapped my forearm when playing but it does not seem to work as I have pain on the inside of the elbow and muscle pain on my forearm.  I've just watched your video on elbow joint pain and have tried relieving the soft tissues.  Would you have any other advice.  Thanks

Hi Evelyn,

Okay, so if you've been to my Elbow Joint Pain Relief page,
and you've followed along with the videos,
I would think you've noticed some tight tissue that perhaps still needs to be released.

I've worked on a fair number of golfers with elbow joint pain, and about half of them
really need to release some of the deep forearm muscles that may be difficult for you
to get at.  You may want to have a friend work on your forearm by pushing both thumbs
into any tight tissue while you open and close your hand.

If you want a professional to do it, then
I'd recommend you go to these two websites,
Call the practioners in your area and go to someone who you feel has the best chance of helping you.
I'd generally recommend someone who has been in practice at least 5 years, preferably 10 years.  And feel free to try more than one person if you don't feel like you've found a good one.  I'm optimistic that this could be of benefit, so at least think about it.

Hope this helps.

Gary Crowley

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