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First of all I really appreciate that your kind enough to take my question, it is very helpful, thank you. Moreover, I have an issue with my left shoulder only, I noticed one of my bones I believe after doing some research it is the Acromion bone, that is bulging out a little bit. The interesting part is that if I pull my shoulder back and chest out, the Acromion that is bulging out goes back to normal, and the bump pretty much disappears. I have included some pictures, from the internet, in which I have a problem similar to the ones in the picture but it is not that severe, and not that visible as the ones in the picture, I think I have a minor bump compared to the ones in the picture but it is visible. Furthermore, I occasionally feel a slight ache or inflammation sometimes underneath or very near the acromion bone. I really don't know what the problem is, but I have asked my physiotherapist who says that its from sitting at the computer hunched for long periods of time, but didn't clarify what i should do to fix the problem. If there are some stretches or strengthening exercises you can advise me to do , that will remove remove the slight bump and the pain/inflammation symptoms that would be greatly appreciated, I promise to try my best, and hopefully I managed to be specific as possible, I will await a reply back, thank you so much.

ANSWER: Hello Al,

Thank you for using anatomy terms and providing pictures.  It does allow me to know exactly what you are writing to me about.

Okay, so I do think I can help you, but just so we're on the same page let's get some basics down.  Take a moment and think about all the muscles in your body like the rigging on a big old-fashioned sailboat. The muscles (rigging) flex and release constantly in order for us to sit, stand, walk, etc.  

It is also the muscles that determine where the bones are positioned.  Bones only go where the muscles pull or hold them because bones are basically chunks of calcium that do not do anything on there own.  When some muscles are too tight they will pull some bones out of position.  I explain all of this in greater detail on my completely free website, Do It Yourself Joint Pain Relief,

So once you realize that bones only go where muscles pull or hold them then you just need to release the inappropriate tension in your shoulder girdle, upper back, and maybe even your hips in order to give your body the space and freedom it requires to have your shoulder girdle sit the way it used to before our modern lifestyle changed your body's shape.

I would recommend you maybe consider taking up yoga, or if you really want to undo the negative effects of too much computing then take up swimming.  Swimming everyday after work would be fantastic if you can do it.

In the meantime you can also check out my Shoulder Joint Pain Relief page, here
Just follow along with the video and it will show you how to release your shoulder girdle.  Especially if you're in pain this is a great thing to do.
I think you may also want to to the Upper Back Pain page as well.
Even though your aren't in pain I would guess that your upper back is probably very tight and negatively affecting your shoulder girdle.

I do hope this helps.  And again, if you become and avid swimmer then everyday in the pool you'll be undoing what you did sitting in front of the computer all day.

All the best,

Gary Crowley  

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I really appreciate your advice Gary it really means a lot. I follow exactly what your saying and I love your website, it looks like a ton of work went into it. But I still don't know what muscle pulling and causing that acromion bone to come out more. Now that you mention it my left upper back hard a hard time holding my shoulders back, and i think my area near my left latissmus dorsi and sertus anterior tend to pull my shoulder down. As well occasional soreness near my teres major/minor. I got all these terms my google images, so i have no idea what their functions are but my finding them on my body I believe these are the trouble some muscles. I tried to elaborate so you can provide better insight thanks so much.

Hi Al,

Thanks for the images.  

Okay, so all the things I'm having you do on the Shoulder Joint Pain Relief page,
are about freeing muscles to be able to do their job and to not pull bones out of position.

Freeing the teres muscles and the serratus anterior muscle is great to let your shoulder blade sit in the appropriate position, and those lats and traps on  your back need to be free so they can do their job of pulling your shoulders down and back.  And if you did want to become an avid swimmer that would be tremendous to strengthen all those muscles that pull your shoulders down and back, in an integrative way.

That said, from the pictures you showed me I want to be clear that because we all have a dominant hand and use the different sides of our bodies differently, none of us are perfectly symmetrical. Your structure can improve, but don't be distressed if you don't achieve perfect symmetry.  You want a free and functional structure.  Perfect symmetry shouldn't be your goal.

Hope this helps.

Gary Crowley

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