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Joint Pain Relief/SI joint and upper back problems


Hi Gary, I've been looking at your site, and after six months of SI joint/sitting pain, and four months of upper back, shoulder, neck problems, feel like I'v finally found something which makes sense and will enable me to help myself. I've seen countless people: chiro, osteo, massage, physio, accupuncture, etc., with no positive results. I'm hoping your site will help me. It seems to make sense, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed, and getting down to work. One thing, though, not that I have lots of money, but wondering if you still see patients, and if so, where your practice is. I'm in Canada, so I know this sounds crazy, but there you go - pain does that to a person.

Many thx


Hi Pam,

Glad to here you're getting to work on yourself.  Just to make sure....there is the "Exercises For Sacroiliac Joint Pain Page"
and then there is the main Sacroiliac Joint Pain Relief page here
both can be beneficial so I just want to make sure you found them both.
And for the upper back there is the main Upper Back Pain Relief page here:
and the massage tool upper back release here:
and it's probably worth the $30 for the massage tool.  I use mine a lot on my back!

I'm in San Diego, California (specifically, Encinitas, CA).  I great vacation destination if you're so inclined!
But hopefully, you'll only need to come here for the sunshine.

Feel free to keep me posted.

All the best,


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I can show 95 percent people how to relieve or eliminate their own joint pain for basically every joint in their body. 95 percent of joint pain, even chronic joint pain, is due to the shortening and tightening of tissue around joints. I show people how to release that tight tissue that is causing their pain. Every joint and every person is unique, but the principles to free yourself from pain are the same in 95 percent of cases.


I've been a Chronic Pain Relief Specialist for over 23 years, and have worked with over 25,000 bodies.

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