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Dear Sir,
recently while playing soccer i got a hit it the inside of my knee in a tackle.(right side of my left knee - medial collateral ligament maybe) the injury is minute i even played soccer afterwards. there is no swelling but is lightly bluish black on the place of injury. it hurts a little when i press it or i can feel a little while walking.
> how do i heal it?
>how much time will it take to recover?
>what actually is it?
>when can i continue playing soccer?



Your injury sounds like either a bruise or maybe a very slight strain on your medial collateral ligament.  I don't know how long ago "recently" is as you said in your description, but since you said you've played soccer on it since the injury with no real swelling or other negative effects I'll recommend a couple things that may help it heal faster.

First, if you ice the area after physical activity that will tend to alleviate a lot of the tenderness or soreness you may feel later on.  I also find icing that spot once or twice a day for 10 -12 minutes and then doing heat for 10 -12 minutes will help move along the healing process whether it's a just a bruise, a bone bruise, or even a ligament strain.

The other thing you can do is release any inappropriately tight tissue that may be affecting the joint, so that the injured area is not under any undue stress. Basically, if you have inappropriately tight tissue in your upper legs their tendons can become inflamed and cause pain, or they can also just misalign the joint and cause pain and delay healing.

I talk about all this on my completely free website, Do It Yourself Joint Pain Relief,
where I have follow-along videos for every joint in the body.

I would recommend you go to the Knee Joint Pain Relief page,
and do the techniques I recommend to relieve knee pain.  You will probably find some areas that are very tight.  Releasing them may instantly relieve any remaining knee discomfort you have.

Before following along with the videos do a gentle assessment of how much your knee hurts doing the movements you have found make it hurt.  Then do the knee pain relief techniques and see how much improvement you get.  I would think you will notice substantial improvement.

If you notice no improvement at all then I think you may have strained a ligament, but the icing protocol mentioned above will help a lot because ligaments don't get much blood flow and the ice and heat will increase the blood flow to that area and accelerate any healing that needs to be done.

In terms of playing soccer I would let pain be your guide.  If you the joint feels stable and you don't notice acute pain then you are probably fine.  If the pain becomes extreme or stabbing with certain movements you may want to take a break until you can play mostly pain free.

Either way, you should be on your way pretty quickly, so don't over do it on the field if real pain occurs.

I do hope this helps.

Gary Crowley  

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