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This is shirisha from india
I have one small Baby (9months).
Iam suffering with knee joint pains right leg,five months back and then 2 months back now at present iam suffering with the pain ,some times i can not stand properly for few seconds.whether i have to go for any check ups /i have to do any exercises.please suggest me.

Hello Shirisha,

I do think there are things you can do for your knee joint pain.

A lot of times when we have chronic pain issues in our bodies it is because some of our muscle tissues have gotten tight and are negatively affecting either the joint we feel the pain in ( in your case, knee pain) or muscle groups elsewhere in the body are tight and they are affecting the nerves that innervate the area that hurts.  I talk about this in great detail on my completely free website, Do It Yourself Joint Pain Relief,

Especially since you've been pregnant, it's quite possible that not just your knee, but also the tissues in your hips and lower back may be negatively affecting your knee.  So I would recommend you watch and follow along with the videos on my main Knee Joint Pain Relief Page,
and also watch and follow along with the video on the main Lower Back Pain Relief page,

I do think there is a very good chance that you can fix your knee joint pain all by yourself by following along with these videos.

I do hope this helps.

Gary Crowley  

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