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my arm is swollen just above my wrist, its not red or bruised, its just skin colour, i haven't knocked it on anything. I noticed it last August but discarded it as nothing but its aching so much now.
 The ache is from my elbow down my arm to my little finger.I have been using muscle rub about 2 times a day but it doesn't seem to work that much, although the swelling is in my arm, it feels like the hand doesn't want to work and its hard to even move my fingers at some points. I have an appointment with my GP for 24th June but do you know if i can do anything until then?
Thanks for the help in advance

Hello Bex,

Sorry to hear about the arm.  I'm going to recommend you visit my completely free website,
where I have free follow along pain relief videos for every joint in the body.

It sounds like the Wrist Pain Relief page might be what you need,
so I would go here first.

It sounds like the swelling, wrist pain, and hand pain my just be from
some tight muscle tissue that needs to be released.  These videos
will show you how.

I do hope this helps.



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