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Hi There,

Over the last 2 weeks I have developed pain in my wrist, the exact area I have circled in the attached image, although occasionaly it is throughout my wrist. I spend a lot of time at a computer (5 days a week and nights), but I use a gel mouse pad which doesn't seem to help. I desperately want to avoid any permanent damage or carpal tunnel syndrome. I finish my job in 3 weeks so am hoping to get some wrist relief. I am only 20, is it likely I have done any permanent damage? And what can I do to prevent any damage and promote recovery?


Hi Shane,

Sorry to hear about your wrist pain.  The good news is two-fold.  
First, I doubt you've done any permanent damage.  
And second, I do think I can show you how to fix yourself
and also be able to provide your own wrist pain relief whenever you need it.

I'm going to recommend that you visit my completely free website,
where I have follow-along videos for every joint in the body.

It's worth it to read through the Homepage a bit, so you know why I'm telling  you to do certain things.  
But, then if you go to the Wrist Pain Relief page,
you'll find a series of 3 videos, with text,  that will show you how to eliminate your wrist pain.

Also, even though you have a gel pad for your wrist at your desk,
you may want to adjust the height of your chair or how far away you sit from the keyboard.  
Sometimes little changes can make a big difference.

I do hope this helps.

All the best,

Gary Crowley  

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