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Joint Pain Relief/End of Scalene Bone Popping out and touching feel.


QUESTION: Hi Mr.Crowley!
I've been working out for 5 years and I got end of right scalene bone slowly popping out for passed 2 years from working out from my chest (mostly from incline equipment and when I try to hold the bench press wide to work on chest). I knew it slowly popping out but I never feel pain until last week. I feel my right end scalene bone slide out more that I can feel clearly on that day. I didn't feel too pain but since that day I just feel like my scalene bone joint is not as smooth as usual when I move my arm. It's been a week now I don't feel pain but I feel something touch always there and bothering me with a very light pain. Mr Crowley, Is that tissues still heal or it will be like this forever? What should i do to get rid of this touching feeling and smooth out my scalene bone joint again? Should I completely stop working out on my chest or can I still workout with a low weigh that won't affect my scalene bone? Thank your very much for your time and your knowledge.

ANSWER: Hi Alex,

Yes, I think you can fix this issue.  I don't know of any "scalene bone" in the body, but if you mean your clavicle or your first rib then we can still probably fix your issue.

Bone are chunks of calcium that only go where the soft-tissue pulls or holds them, so we just need to free the soft tissue, especially your scalene muscles on the side of your neck.

I'd like to recommend you visit my website
where I have videos for every single joint in the body.

I think the Neck And Shoulder Pain page might do the trick, even though you don't mention pain,
just follow along with the free videos and you should be able to fix yourself.

You may also check out the main Neck Pain Relief page,
it's very similar to the neck and shoulder pain page, but sometimes I
say things differently, which helps some folks.

All the best,
Gary Crowley

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QUESTION: That is my SC joint. So I just need to restmy arm? Once my luckement(soft tissue)strong again then it will automatic pull my collar bone  back to place rite  Mr.Crowley ? And how long it normally take to heal on this circumstance?
Thank you.

ANSWER: Hello Alex,

In my experience you have to release the inappropriately tight tissue (probably your pectoralis major and minor, your subclavius, and your intercostals) that are yanking on your SC joint.  That should get rid of the uncomfortable feeling and ideally the head of your clavicle will then drop naturally back into place.  It can happen rapidly, but it's a matter of releasing all the tissue that is yanking on the clavicle, and sternum.
Also, work on the fascia on the sternum bone, especially near the joint.
Gary Crowley

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I think I stretched or torn a partial of my sc joint ligament. Can stretched ligament tight up and go back to original length again? Or can a partial ligament torn heal?

Hi Alex,

Yes, a stretched ligament can tighten back up, but they take a little while.  They don't get a lot of bloodflow, so they take longer than muscle tissue to heal.  If you have a partial tear it can heal as well, but a total tear from the attachment will not, but if you have a tear there is usually a fair amount of pain associated with it and you don't seem to mention a lot of pain.


Gary Crowley

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