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Hi I hurt my foot 6-7 years ago playing soccer. I broke a kids shin pad and played the rest of the game hurt. Ever since then my foot hurts it feels like it needs to be cracked on the top. I had it xrayed. I never got the results. My foot to this day stays swollen and is bigger then my other foot. Is their a way to crack the bone on the top of my foot. I have had it looked at my doctor looked at it a few months ago and told me that I had a high arch. ahe told me to get foot insoles. i just bought them. i have not seen a difference. Thanks.

Hi Sean,

Sorry to hear about your injury. It is a bit out of the ordinary, but I do think there are things you can do that may remedy
the situation.

I have a completely free website, Do-It-Yourself-Joint-Pain-Relief,
were I have follow-along videos that show people how to fix every joint in there body,
within a certain range of injury, and yours fits in that range.

I'd like to recommend you visit my Foot Pain Relief page,
and do the techniques I show you.

Over the years I've found people with tight plantar fascia (bottom of foot) have issues like yours.
Sometimes their lymph fluid pumped out of their lower legs is being restricted or inhibited
by tight inflexible tissue, so I'm hoping that if you release your plantar fascia your "lymphatic pump" will begin working
and your swelling will decrease.

Also, since bones only go where muscles pull or hold them (bones are chunks of calcium they
do not do anything on there own), it's also important to really make sure the tissue on the top of your
foot is free as well, since the tight tissue may be restricting the proper movement of the bones in your foot.
My videos show you how to do all of this.

Lastly, I'm generally the last person to recommend a Chiropractor since I generally think their perspective on the body is not accurate,
but in this case, AFTER you've released your entire foot, if nothing improves I'd have a chiropractor adjust you.  I'd find a guy that does lots of adjustments (some chiropractors don't do lots of adjustments), and have him adjust your feet and ankles.  Don't let him rope you into seeing him forever.  One or two sessions should be the max if an adjustment is the answer to your problems.

I do hope this helps.

All the best,

Gary Crowley

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