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On one day I was watching movies continuously on laptop from that day only I got feeling of pain in lower head, back neck and sudden increase in heart beat. I travel on bike daily to office having helmet weared and from that day I started experiencing pins and needles in my legs and arms can all this causes due to neck pain or other reason could be there?

Hello Liladhar,

I'm sorry to hear about the symptoms you are experiencing.

Most of the time tingling in the legs and arms is due to tight tissue in your body compressing the joints and affecting the nerves that innervate your arms and legs.  I can also be caused by diabetes, so if you think that is a possibility then you should see your MD.
The good news is that one way to see if it is the soft tissue is to release it.  If your symptoms go away after releasing the tight tissue then you know that was the cause.

I'm going to recommend you visit my completely free website,
Do-It-Yourself-Joint-Pain-Relief where I have videos for every single joint in the body,

I think it may be simplest to go to my main Neck Pain Relief page,
follow along with the videos, do the techniques and hopefully you will notice relief.

You can also do any of the other videos on the website that seem to fit your symptoms.
If none of the techniques change your symptoms then you should visit your MD to rule out diabetes.

I do hope this was helpful.

Gary Crowley

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