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Hi there, I really hope you can help me. About a week ago I was on my laptop and slouching really weird and it made me neck hurt really bad. I stayed like that for awhile and eventually moved and went to sleep. Probably a day or so after I noticed a weird pain when I brushed my teeth and bent over to spit. It almost felt like I had a patch o hair at the back of my neck and someone pulled on it. I find when I move my head in a jerking forward motion it feels sharp and it hurts. It's been a couple days and it still hasn't changed, I don't really know what to do or what's wrong with me. Do you think you could help? Also, I'm attaching a picture to kind of show you where the pain is.

Hi Brianna,

Sorry to hear about your neck pain.   Yes, I think I can help you and the good news is that I do think you can probably fix yourself
if you still need some neck pain relief.

I have a completely free website,
where I show people how to fix themselves.

I'm going to recommend that you go to my main, Neck Pain Relief page,
and follow along with the videos.

Long story made short, you probably just have some tight tissue that is yanking on
some nerves, and you can most likely fix that yourself.

All the best,

Gary Crowley

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