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Gary, you are a true humanitarian!
I have tried and benefitted from your techniques and send giant thank you's to you each time.
My concern is the foot drop I have been dealing with for a little over a year. I have had MRIs (right side sciatica but nothing showed up in MRI)and nerve conductivity(under knee, outside leg nerve damage)and am left with the "deal with it, accept the limp and get going again" psychological drivel. I try hard to strengthen the right side of my lower body each day.  

I am 61, 5'6" and about 130 lbs, thin frame, fairly active, but walk far less now because of the limitations and stress on other areas of my body from my new (awful) gait. I miss the ease of walking sooo much...

Have you had any success treating foot drop?

Thank you in advance for all you do for so many of us!


Hi Diane,

Yes, I've had success with footdrop.  Basically, the muscle that lifts your foot out of the way when you go to take a step is your tibialis anterior, so you need to free it, and anything that affects it.

I'd recommend you go to my Ankle Joint Pain page,
where I show you in video 1 how to release your tibialis anterior, and
many other things you should release as well.  
You can also stand and press your tibialis anterior into a tennis ball on a small
bench if that gets you more pressure.

After that, I may go to my main Lower Back Pain Relief page,
and go through those since the nerver origin for your tibialis anterior is you
L5, fifth Lumbar, vertebrae in your lower back.  Really make sure
you release your vastus lateralis,
since that can yank on the nerve
that governs your tibialis anterior.

Basically, you've got to free all the tight tissue that could be yanking on the nerve
that governs your tibialis anterior.  The good news is that if you free everything that
tight, including your tibialis anterior, the odds are pretty good you can fix yourself.

I do hope this helps.

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