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Hi David
You were right on with your last diagnosis, so I have another one fore you. My knee is healing nicely by the way.
I have had a mild case of plantar faciaitis along with a heel spur on my left foot since my last soccer game eight years ago :-)
It has flared up a bit since then, but recently after a long walk on a hard surface-and I do wear good supportive shoes-it flared up so bad I couldn't walk. A month later it is still bad, so I got in to see my doc. He said a hydrocortisone injection is the way to go, and I will get one next week.
Sounds good to me, I am not really up for more surgery. Of course I forgot to ask if only one will be necessary, or will this be a regular thing?
I am truly a slow healer when it comes to musculo-skeletal stuff, and have lots of little 'twinges' in different spots from injuries during my jock days.

Hi Bud,
A heel spur is an indication that the problem is chronic (i.e. been around for a while). So the likelihood of the plantar fasciitis recurring is high.
A cortisone injection helps to decrease inflammation and promote healing - but there's no way to know (1) if only one shot will do the trick or (2) if this episode resolves whether you'll need another one in the future.
You might benefit from a visit with a local musculoskeletal expert such as a Physiotherapist or a good Podiatrist to check your joint mechanics. I've had great success getting rid of plantar fasciitis by correcting musculoskeletal imbalances that happen all the way up the chain (i.e. pelvic rotation dysfunction).
Best of luck!

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