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I would like to ask you a question about the diagnosis and treatment of the following case.
I attach the X-ray report:

X-ray of both elbows from date 17.10.2014:
Right elbow present fracture of lateral epicondyle with a slight shift fragment  laterocranially and fracture of medial condyle at the stage of consolidation - position of fragments satisfactory.
Left elbow fracture of the lateral condyle with a slight shift fragment in the process of consolidation.

Could you tell me some examples of exercises for stiff elbow contraction of the muscles around the elbow?

Now, I will describe the current situation. The cast is off, x ray show limited range of motion in the elbows,
in one elbow little fragment.
There are stiff elbows after cast removal.

She goes to rehabilitation exercises and therapy, but elbows are still stiff. There is partial improvement each day.
Please would yoo be so kind how to loosen this stiffness in the elbows?

Mainly, what would you recommend about treating of stiffness and telling me some exercises AND how to stretch
the tendons in elbow (there are shortened tendons).

I would really appreaciate your advice and suggestions for healing.
Mainly, what would you recommend about treating of stiffness and telling me exercises.Eventually, can you tell me the treatment.

Once again thank you so much and I am waiting for your reply soon.

My email

You can also skype me on: miro.os (eventually, I can call you back at your appropriate time)

Thank you so much.

With regards,

Miroslav Oslay

Have a nice day.


Hello Miroslav,

I'd recommend you go to my Elbow Joint Pain Relief page on my website.
I will show you how to free the muscles and tendons.  
After being in a cast, you may need many days of doiing it, even weeks, but it does work, so keep doing it.

All the best,
Gary Crowley

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