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I have had CRPS for three years following a minor knee surgery, and it has spread to one side of my body, so I am in constant pain. Normal painkillers don't work on the neuropathic pain from it, and I work so cannot take strong opiates. I recently developed SI joint pain over a two week period starting in my hip, and saw my doctor, who gave me an AI cream and told me to take regular paracetemol. In the two days since I have seen no improvement and if anything it feels worse. I can hardly move at the moment, and need help with getting up from lying or sitting. I find sitting very bad, and basically alternate between lying down and walking.
Before the CRPS I was fit and active, but I have since lost a lot of muscle tone and put on about a stone in weight (I weigh 11.5 stone now) because of my limited mobility.
I am tempted to try your SI joint work to try to alleviate the terrible pain, but I am struggling to move at all, let alone achieve some of the positions you show! I am also worried that I may aggravate the CRPS. Can you give me any advice or hope here? I can't cope with this pain, it is stopping everything.

Hello Nell,

I'm not sure which of my SI join pain relief pages you've seen, so just so we're clear,
I have the main Sacroiliac Joint Pain Relief page,
where I show you how release many different areas in your pelvis and legs to let your SI joint go back into place.
I think you could probably do most of the techniques I show you on this page.  I would just go slow and take your
time so you don't aggravate your CRPS.  OR please feel free to have a friend or loved one watch the videos and do the techniques on you if that is an option.

The other SI joint page is the "exercises" page,
and I probably wouldn't bother doing the techniques on this page with your current situation.

I do hope this proves helpful.

All the best,

Gary Crowley

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