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I'm a 28 yo female with severe hypochondria.

I first noticed a pain in my right hip (deep lateral) 1-2 months ago and I ignored it at first. I felt the pain around my right hip joint only when I was lifting my leg sideways away from my body, at 90 degrees (like a dog peeing). I first noticed it when I wanted to do side leg lifts exercises (I exercise rarely) & the pain was already there, I don't know where it started. Not earlier than a month or so before, I would assume.

It was a mild pain so I ignored it, since it doesn't hurt when walking, running and most other normal activities... so I basically forgot about it altogether... until 4 days ago, when I raised my leg sideways again to notice the pain was STILL there.

The pain is a bit sharp and feels mechanical It doesn't limit my motion & t's mostly in the same place, around the hip joint (sometimes goes to the groin and deep lateral). It hurts with a few specific movements & every time when I make those movements. After forcing and testing my hip in the last 4 days, now it's more sensitive and it hurts with more movements than before.

It hurts when I lift my leg sideways at 90 degrees & also when I stand normally and turn my torso to the right side (towards the painful hip) while keeping my legs straight. Also hurts when I stand and turn my right foot inside, bend the knee and place it before my left leg

It doesn't hurt when I'm at rest or when I walk, cycle, run, crouch or jump, keep my legs crossed, spread my legs while sitting. Never hurts at night when I sleep.

I'm worried about a tumor that's causing the pain. Does this sound like a bone cancer or more like something benign? Like tendonitis? I don't want to have an X-ray done because I'm trying to conceive and I don't want any radiation to my ovaries & uterus.

My FABER test was positive but the FAI tests were negative. The piriformis test was negative normally, but in an exagerated position (I twisted my trunk) it was positive.

Please, any insight I would appreciate. Thank you!

Hello Cristina,

It sounds to me like you have tight muscles in your hips and the areas around your hips that need to be released for your hip joint to work properly.

Most tendonitis is caused by the shortening and tightening of tissue around joints.  Once one or two muscle groups become inappropriately tight they torque the joint and you'll experience pain or at least lack of function in the joint.  This is a fairly normal occurrence in the human body.  

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I'm very confident that you can most likely fix yourself now and in the future with any structural pain issues that worry you.
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All the best,

Gary Crowley

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