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Hi, I'm Wiktor, I play football (Soccer) a lot, and my foot collided with another persons shin and I got this pain in my right foot. I'm guessing its in the metatarsal joint by looking at the structure of the foot. I can walk normally, but my foot hurts if I try to kick the ball. What can I do to recover quickly and get back to playing in full form?? Please Help!

Hello Wiktor,

Sorry to hear about your foot.  It sounds like you could have a bone bruise or at minimum your foot has tightened the tissue around the injury to protect it while it heals.

First, I would be icing your foot for 12 minutes at a time, multiple times a day.  If putting heat on the foot for 12 minutes immediately after icing it, that would be ideal.  This will help reduce inflammation and increase blood flow and maximize the healing process.

Second, I would manually work on the foot to free as much tight tissue as possible to again maximize the blood flow and the healing.
On my free website,
I have a Foot Pain Relief page the will show you how to work on your foot yourself.

If you don't have a bone bruise this should help to rapidly get you out on the field.  If you do have a bone bruise what I show you will help speed the healing process, but you'll really want to do the ice/heat many times a day to maximize your healing.

I do hope this was helpful.

All the best,

Gary Crowley  

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