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I am 55, and about that much overweight! Three years ago I tore a meniscus playing soccer. It didn't heal,kind of came and went, so I decided to get it scoped out later this month.
The soccer team wants me back, and I am tempted. I am pretty good for an old fat guy ;-). I know It will take a few weeks to recover from the surgery, maybe more considering my age and weight, and the fact I am a 'slow healer'.
Should I risk it and play, or be safe and gracefully retire? I am leading toward not playing, but am under pressure. Thanks!


It's likely going to take more than a couple of weeks to heal enough to participate in a sport like soccer. Depending on how extensive the tear was, how old the injury was, much the surgeon "cleaned up", how quickly you heal (and a variety of other factors) - it will more likely take months.

Why not use that time to fully heal AND clean up your eating habits and lose some weight?

Whether you decide to play soccer or not isn't the point. Your knee, though "cleaned up" now has less cartilage than before. So over time wear and tear might continue to progress. It's not uncommon for the degeneration to worsen, especially for people who are overweight.

If you do as I suggest - use that time to heal (and I'd HIGHLY recommend finding a good physiotherapist to work with to help you do so) AND lose some weight - I think you'll not only protect your knee for the future, but perhaps you'll also be able to return to the game.

So the short answer (after my LONG answer) is to definitely play it safe. Take time to heal (more than weeks). Whether or not you retire can be a decision you make once you are where your body needs to be - healed and at a lower weight.

I wish you the best of luck!


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