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Joint Pain Relief/pain in middle of back, along the line of spinal cord.


i have been suffering from severe back pain in mid-back region, around spinal cord for a week now. The pain is unbearable in the early morning, especially when I am lying on bed.  But the pain goes away when I walk or do routine work in day. However, I still feel the soreness and stomach pain. This pain started after I had constipation for 3 days, when I had no bowel movement. Now my bowel movement is getting back to normal, but I have not recovered from back pain. Although I don't feel the back pain for 1-2 h as I used to last week, the intensity of pain is same now, which lasts around 30 min or more.

Is this back pain related to constipation and bowel movement or something serious?

Hello Sanjay,

Without seeing you in person,  your symptoms could be signs of a few different things.

First and foremost, you might just have a really tight back that you may be able to fix yourself.
If you go to my free website and do the techniques on the  Middle Back Pain relief page,
you may be able to fix this yourself.

That said, it also sounds like you could have a Kidney Stone, but you would need to make an
appointment with an MD to confirm this.

It also sounds quite a bit like you might have Shingles (but you didn't mention a rash on your back).
Your description sounds a lot like shingles with the pain when lying down, no pain for 1-2 hours,
intensity staying the same when you do have pain.  Check your back for a rash, if you have one,
go to your doctor.  Shingles tends to last in the 4 week range, give or take a week or two.

I do hope this was helpful.

All the best,

Gary Crowley

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