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Dear Gary Crowley,

I have a small problem. I am a man aged 25 and have several issues regarding my health.
I feel reoccurring pressure in my spine and it makes a cracking noise from time to time. I have a feeling my spine might of been out of alignment. Also my knees crack a lot when I simply walk. I think this comes to early for a guy of my age and I was wondering if there were any prescriped diet tips and movement(postures, flexibility or anything that comes up) that will be of any help.


Hello Dion,

Sorry to hear about all the cracking going on in your body.  You are correct, ideally this wouldn't be happening to you at this age or any age.
The good news is that there are basic things you can do that will most likely help the situation.

The first thing you need to understand is that most joint pain or cracking of joints when you move is from the shortening and tightening of soft-tissue around joints.   When the soft-tissue is appropriately free around a joint, then the joint can function without having to pop and crack.  Bones only go where muscles (and other soft-tissue) pull or hold them, so they are the key to solving your issues.  As long as none of your tissue is ripped, torn, or bones are broken you can do things to fix these problems yourself.  If you're interested, I talk about all of this in detail on the homepage of my completely free website,,

So for you, in general, it sounds like you would benefit specifically from a regular practice of yoga (3 times a week would be great!).  I don't know where you live, but there are many yoga studios out there, so find an instructor you like and a class you enjoy (that way you'll go to class) and in a few months you'll be amazed at how much better you feel in your body.

If you want to work on specific areas then feel free to go to my website and visit the pages for your issues.
The main Lower Back Pain Relief page,
is a great place to start,
and the main Knee Joint Pain Relief would be good for you as well,

I know you're in pain, but the solution for all your cracking and popping is the same.

I do hope this helps.

All the best,

Gary Crowley

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