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Dear David Berman,

I have a small problem. I am a man aged 25 and have several issues regarding my health.
I feel reoccurring pressure in my spine and it makes a cracking noise from time to time. I have a feeling my spine might of been out of alignment. Also my knees crack a lot when I simply walk. I think this comes to early for a guy of my age and I was wondering if there were any prescriped diet tips and movement(postures, flexibility or anything that comes up) that will be of any help.


Hi Dion,

The cracking noise you hear is most likely benign (not anything to worry about) unless it is accompanied by pain or some type of dysfunction (i.e. if your back or knee "locks up").

There are several reasons why this "cracking noise" might be happening - including some mild joint wear and tear (normal with aging - even for someone in their twenties). The most likely "reason" for this is genetics paired with your activities / recreation.

So if one (or both) of your parents or grandparents had similar complaints and your activities put stress/strain on those joints (i.e. running) this could result in that noise.

There are other factors - The main take-away message is that you shouldn't necessarily be worried if the main concern is that "noise".

Regarding nutritional tips: I often recommend several supplements to my patients that may help with joint health. These include turmeric extract, boswellia extract and Omega-3 essential fatty acids. Other experts also suggest an anti-inflammatory diet to help delay any degenerative joint changes.

And regarding exercise - certainly any low impact exercise that promotes healthy flexibility and joint motion is a good idea.

I wish you the best of luck!

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