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I have pain in my sacral and it pinches in my groin I have been travelling and sitting for hours and I sit crossed legged in yoga pose as I am the passenger, not the driver (smiling,) It feels like my coccyx is burning on each side of it and my sitter bones ache really bad after sitting for long periods, now I am getting like e tendon pull in the groin near but not on labia,
Any advice would be appreciated

Hello Rosemary,

It sounds like the muscles in your hips that attach to your sacrum are very tight and yanking on the nerves both on around your coccyx and the nerves that innervate the front of your pelvis.

My free website,
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I'd recommend you do the follow-along videos for the Pelvic Girdle Pain Relief page,
I do think this should do the trick, but if it doesn't, I think you have a very similar
issue to men who experience testicle pain that is caused by the tight tissue around their sacrum and coccyx,
so don't be shocked when I also recommend that my Testicle Pain Relief Page, may be of help,
I understand that you are a woman, but the nerve pathways are the same for men and women.

I do hope this proves useful.

All the best,
Gary Crowley  

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