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I been having pain in the dorsal sides of the interphalangeal joints of my fingers if i press on them they are sore and if i make a tight fist they hurt worse. hyperextending them also worsens the pain. if i rub the tissue proximal to distal(like taking off a ring) it is more uncomfortable. It i ever get anything sticky on my hands it is very uncomfortable as any friction is. the skin feels to tight at times i even taken a hemostat and attempted to stretch the skin. I have small scars on the back of my fingers but nothing deep enough to cause tendon damage. do you think this is just adhesions?

Based on your description I'd strongly suggest you see a doctor - and preferably a Rheumatologist. It sounds like you may have a form of arthritis (there are several kinds - and without an exam and possibly the results of some blood tests it's not possible to determine which, if any, you might have).

Some forms of arthritis are progressive (which means they can get worse and worse) and degenerative (which means they can cause tissue damage) if not addressed and properly treated. Of course it's possible that there's nothing to worry about and that the problem isn't arthritis... but in my thinking it's better to be safe than sorry. So go get checked out.

Once you find out what (if any) diagnosis your doctor give you - feel free to shoot me an email and if I can be of help on information about physical therapy treatment for it (if viable) I'll be happy to do so.

Best of luck!

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