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Joint Pain Relief/sacral pain and hip.also pinch in labia


Dear David
I have been having pain in the coccyx area, I do not know if it is my sacroiliac joint, For months I have had pain not bad but annoying in my Iliac crest and in my little toe at the metatarsal near cutaneous bones into small toe and across the pad of foot ,it would burn if I walked too far. I am 60 year old and in good health, I was rocking back and forwards with my legs crossed with my granddaughter whilst sitting on a hard surface and I felt my tailbone hurt, this was weeks ago, now if I sit too long my buttocks hurts really bad and I am also getting a pinch in groin and into my labia like something is trapped, it hurts when it pinches ,I also have pain and slight weakness in the left leg and that is the same leg with the foot problem, I have had the leg problems for years.
How should I treat this. Will it heal by itself as I am no where near a Doctor and I am scared, Please I just lost my sister to liver cancer and I am in a pretty low place at the moment .I am so scared of everything and feel venerable and can only think of negative things about this I knew I had to talk to someone about this so I googled and came up with allexperts,I hope you can give me advice and I thank you

Hi Rosemary,

So sorry to hear about your pain and troubles!

Based on your description the problem might well be a back problem with symptoms radiating into your leg. Since the problem is aggravated by positions (sitting on a hard surface) and walking it also sounds like it has a strong mechanical component. All this means is that positions and movement affect it - versus having symptoms that are not reproducible or not seemingly related to physical positions / activities.

Your mention of weakness in your leg is a bit concerning. If it is getting progressively worse (i.e. if you are getting weaker and weaker in that leg over time) or if the problem has affected you such that you are no longer able to do "normal" things like walk normally, climb up or down a flight of stairs normally, get in and out of a chair normally - due to the weakness - I would urge you to go see a doctor as soon as possible.

Other "warning signs" - things that would definitely warrant a visit to a doctor - include persistent numbness, intractable pain (unrelenting and severe) and bowel and/or bladder dysfunction (loss of control of your bowel and/or bladder.

Each of those things can be an indication of a more serious problem.

If, on the other hand, the pain intensity and symptoms seem to be getting better - even slowly - that's a very good sign. If things are at a standstill I'd suggest you seek out someone close by for, at the very least, an examination. A skilled physiotherapist or chiropractor (or similar) should be able to offer you some guidance - guidance that can only come with an in-person examination.

I hope this was helpful to you. And I wish you the best of luck for a speedy recovery.


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