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I am a 53 yr old male. I had a bad fall, and ended up with trauma to a pelvic muscle.  My deep transverse muscle is hard as rock. It attaches to my sit bones on both sides.All nerves, and blood , soft tissue is being compressed. How do I get this muscle to relax. Heat, and massage help, but the muscle is like leather. If this was just a few inches above, I would have been in worse trouble. No one where I live, knows what to do with this muscle. I am sure, there are people that are in car accidents that have pelvic girdle muscle damage. Any help would be great.

Hello Barrie,

Sorry to hear about your fall and the subsequent pain.  I do think I can help you.

Basically, you just need to to the right things in the right way to get those muscles to release.  The trick is understanding that your cerebellum at the top of your brain stem controls all the tension settings for the muscles in your body.  That's why, if we put you under full body anesthesia every single muscle in your entire body would completely let go and be as loose as a rag doll. BUT when the anesthesia wore off (and your cerebellum woke back up) all the tension settings would kick back in and your tissue would be just as tight as before you were knocked out.  Once you understand this, then you know that the trick is to communicate to your cerebellum in a clear way when you are working on the tissue so that it can change the settings for the tissue.
I explain all of this on my completely free website, Do It Yourself Joint Pain,  that has helped tens of thousands of people to provide their own pain relief.

It sounds like my Pelvic Girdle Pain Relief page,
should do the trick.  Just follow along with the videos and I think the odds are pretty good
you can fix yourself.

I do hope this proves beneficial.

All the best,
Gary Crowley

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