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Hi, I'm Max I am 21 and I have had problems with my elbows for a few years. I've played sports since I was young and this involved playing cricket which is similar to base ball, during this I've had several minor injuries to the elbow including tennis elbow a few times. Both elbows crack a lot when stretched out and this causes no pain although doing this can relive pain in the joint. I am still able to do everything as normal but they don't seem as strong for example if I do a press up sometimes they will click and they prevent me from carrying on because of feeling weak. I don't really want to go to the doctors as I'm able to live with them  and the chance of them making the joints worse through surgery etc. Is there any advice you could give me to hopefully sort this problem? Any information would be greatly appreciated, thanks Max

Hi Max,

Sorry to hear about the elbow problems. Hopefully, I can help.

It sounds a lot like you have tight muscle groups around your elbow joint that both cause it to crack at times and prevents you from doing press ups.
Joints need appropriate space and freedom to function or they end up being a big compressed and/or out of balance which compromises their function.  In your case resulting in elbow joint pain (in the long run) or lack of function and cracking in the short run.

I talk about this in greater detail on the home page of my free joint pain relief website here,
if you are interested.

I'm going to recommend you go to my free Elbow Joint Pain Relief page here,
where I show you how to free all the tight tissue that is probably compromising your
elbow joint.  Usually, it's just a matter of releasing inappropriately tight tissue.
Once your body has the space and freedom it needs to function, then it is usually able
to return to it's previous ability to function normally.

I do hope this helps.
All the best,
Gary Crowley  

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