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QUESTION: My left quadricep area has been sore for over two weeks. I went to the doctor and he prescribed anti-nflammatories and steroids. It still bothers me, but not as much. Is there anything I can do to increase healing? Heat packs/Cold packs/Massage? What about the Fiber Infrared Heat Therapy pads? Please advise? Thank you.

ANSWER: Hi Eddie,

Sorry to hear about the quadricep.  Two weeks is a bit long.  Alternating ice/heat for 12 minutes each will help get the blood flowing and bring down the inflammation.   I'm not familiar with the infrared pads you mention, but if you already own them, then they certainly won't hurt.  I'm not sure I'd buy them, as I'm just a bit skeptical that they'll do what they claim.

Also, if it's been two weeks, I wonder if you're lower back and hips aren't playing a role in affecting the nerves that eventually innervate your quads.
I'd recommend you go to my free website and see if my Pelvic Girdle Pain Relief page,
affects the soreness in your quad.
And I'd recommend you try my free Best Quadricep Stretches page,

Hopefully, some ice/heat and a bit of soft-tissue work will set you free.

I do hope it helps.


Gary Crowley

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Thank you for the reply. I don't know why I wrote quadriceps. I meant to write pectoral. It's my left chest area around the nipple. Before I started the anti-inflammatories and steroids it hurt when I would breath deeply or twist to look back. It's bearable but still not 100 percent. Sorry about the confusion. Thanks


Hi Eddie,

If you go to my free Shoulder Joint Pain Relief page and watch the Step 2, video here,
watch how release the "underside of your collarbone" and then do that on on entire
pectoral area.
Also, if you do all the videos on the page it will help the entire area which may
also help release your issue, so go through all the videos if you can because
even the muscles on your upper back could be playing a part in your discomfort.


Gary Crowley

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