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Joint Pain Relief/neck tension, constant headache 7+ years


hi Gary, I am a huge advocate for your YouTube videos... Shared them with many friends.

I have had the same headache 24 hours a day, since I was 20 (I'm 27 now). I have severe neck and jaw problems, and have done both the corresponding video series on YouTube. My pain levels are never below a 7.

It's my suspicion neck tension is restricting my corotid artery. I was feeling like I was going to black out or have a stroke tonight/last night, until I started massaging my neck.

Any advice? My scalenes seem really bad.

Hi Cory,

Sorry to hear about your constant headache.  Your theory does not sound unreasonable, since I've had many folks with a headache that disappears when I release their jaw and/or their neck.  And my theory for headaches into to eye and side of the head is a similar "restricted blood flow" hypothesis because when I release the jaw that seems to be the key factor for many people.  The jaw and releasing the base of the skull seem be the most important elements in my experience.
I would encourage you to do my Jaw Joint Pain Relief page,
and my Neck Pain Relief page,

depending on how tight you are, you may have to work on them on a regular basis for a while.  But I'm hopeful you'll notice results.

I do sincerely hope my videos help you.

All the best,

Gary Crowley

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