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Gwen wrote at 2015-08-20 12:14:27

I have communicated to you twice about my piriformis syndrome and hip isssue. It turns out an X-ray revealed I have FAI. I haven't had a MRI but I also believe I may have a labral tear. They cannot do surgery or any other medical intervention because of my age, so I need to simply strengthen my core and support areas around the hips to help me deal with the pain. I've been looking for exercises that might help.

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Gary Crowley


I can show 95 percent people how to relieve or eliminate their own joint pain for basically every joint in their body. 95 percent of joint pain, even chronic joint pain, is due to the shortening and tightening of tissue around joints. I show people how to release that tight tissue that is causing their pain. Every joint and every person is unique, but the principles to free yourself from pain are the same in 95 percent of cases.


I've been a Chronic Pain Relief Specialist for over 23 years, and have worked with over 25,000 bodies.

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