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Gary, I admit I've sat quite a bit on my job this last year. I've also had constipation which hasn't helped my leg pain. Sometimes my pain is worse behind my knees; sometimes it's worse in my upper back legs. I also have tightness in my hips. I've been doing the exercises on "Do it yourself Joint Pain Relief" website. I do to do the ones for Sciatica everyday; sometimes the ones for hips. Even the ones for the heels (since a massage therapist said my heels were tight). Sometimes I feel like it's helping; other times I feel very discouraged. I guess I'm not sure which ones to actually do. I can't do them all every day! :) I've tried getting a referral to physical therapy for an evaluation but my doctor looked at a varicose vein I have on my right leg and said I needed to go a 'vein clinic'. I don't think that's the real issue. Where would you say that I start with the exercises on your website? I can't seem to get down to the deeper issue. I stretch and feel a little better, but within a few hours, it hurts again. Thanks for your help. Your website is awesome!

Hi Gwen,

Sorry to hear your pain is still an issue after doing so much work on yourself.  Let's see if I can help...

First, I'd focus on your hips and all the muscles that attach to your pelvis.  If those aren't free,
with all you have going on, then most likely your changes won't hold.  I like my Pelvic Girdle Pain
Relief page as a good guide for doing this,
Next, I'd really focus on freeing your hamstrings,
find the hamstring stretches you like and do them throughout the day,
1 minute here and there throughout the day and really make a big difference.

When all the muscle groups in these videos are free you should find the other areas let
go much more easily and the change is more stable.

Hope that helps.  Keep up the good work.

All the best,
Gary Crowley

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