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QUESTION: I am in charge of occupational health and safety in 20 clothes store all around venezuela. We have plenty of workers complyning of pain due to long lasting standing. It is forbbiden to have chaires. Especcially girls have troubles with varicouse veins. The cashiers stand for more than 5 hours in the same position. what could I do?
Thank you

ANSWER: Hi Anton,

First, I'm always amazed that stores everywhere (in the USA as well) don't allow even a tall barstool for cashiers.  
That said, your question reminds of the saying from Chinese Medicine that "A horse has 5 hearts."  They say this
because if you watch a horse standing in it's stall all day, you'll notice that they constantly shift their weight from
one leg to the other.  This shifting to different legs, requires that the muscles in the legs flex, and the flexing muscles
help pump the blood back up out of the legs.

So my suggestion is that you encourage your cashiers to make a habit of gently rocking from side to side, moving their weight gently from
one leg to other, to help pump the blood and lymphatic fluid out of their legs. If they can do it the whole time they are working it may make them
much more comfortable. It could be very subtle. It's doesn't have to be a big side to side movement, just enough to shift their weight. I actually think it could make a big difference for them.  And I would really love if you could report back to me if it actually helps.

I'll be curious if your 20 stores  "of gently rocking cashiers" will notice a substantial improvement in the comfort of it's workers. Please let me know.

I do hope this helps.

All the best,
Gary Crowley

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QUESTION: Dear friend.
I love you to say with images how do I go about " rocking from side to side, moving their weight gently from one leg to other"...doy you know any video or image about it.
Thank you...I will report the results.

Hello Anton,

I do not have an image, but just gently rocking from side like you might if you were listening to one of your favorite mellow songs is all I'm recommending.  You just want to feel the weight of your body in one foot, and then when you rock to the other side you feel the weight in the other foot.
When I do it here in my office, it seems most of the movement is done by bending one knee and straightening the other knee....repeat, repeat, repeat.
If you stand up and do that now, you'll see how it makes your hips move from side to side and shifts the weight alternately to each leg/foot.
Also, I'd recommend you notice that there is a "sweet spot" where when you're straight up while you do it, your toes don't have to flex to keep your balance.  You want to find the place where it is almost effortless to do this.
I would also imagine everyone, might have their own rhythm, but it should be easy and effortless so you can do it all day.

Just stand up and play with the motion yourself for a few minutes and you'll feel what I'm talking about.

Hope that helps.

Gary Crowley

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