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Joint Pain Relief/neck pain on BOTH SIDES of neck


Hi there, I have had neck pain over a long period of time ,

 But now I have got neck pain on both sides of my neck when I turn either way,and this has gone on now for 4 MONTHS also it gives me spasmodic pains in the head.

I would appreciate very much any advice you can give me .I am a 71 year old male ...I look very good for my age and in the last 7 weeks have been doing interval training in the swimming pool and I have also just joined a gym .BUT THESE PAINS HAVE BEEN GOING ON FOR A LOT LONGER THAN 7 WEEKS .

PS I found Gary Crowley.about 2 years ago and tried his system successfully to help me ,But this time ,I cant get rid of the pain.

Thank you   Dave

Hi Dave,

Sorry to hear about the neck issues.  You said you've tried my techniques and they are not helping you this time.
All I can offer is to suggest that the most likely causes of what you describe are the tight muscles on the edge
of your shoulder blade (teres major and minor) and in your armpit (subscapularis), AND the muscles under your
clavicle (pectoralis minor and subclavius).  I cover these in my Neck and Shoulder Pain videos here,

So the question is not whether or not you have worked in all these areas, but if you have in fact released all the
tight tissue in these areas.  If you investigate the above mentioned areas (and the others in the videos) and the
tissue is still tight then that could be the cause.  You may even want to coach a friend to work on those areas
that are still tight. If they can use there bodyweight to create more pressure while you relax, you may get
better release of the tissue.

If you check all those areas and the tissue is free and supple, and painless when you press on it, then you
may want to get an MRI of your neck, but I'd still guess that it's tight tissue in your shoulder girdle and neck
that is causing the problem.  You look like a strong guy, so maybe having someone else work on you with
my techniques will get to deeper layers of your muscles that still need to be released.

I do hope this helps.

All the best,
Gary Crowley

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