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I am 56. Three years ago I injured both knees playing soccer, a torn meniscus in the left and a pulled ligament in the right. It took three years and an operation on the left to the point where they feel almost normal and don't give out anymore. The last hurdle is the fact that as a bus driver, I sit for extended periods, then when I get up, they are very weak, and I need support for the first few seconds, then I limp for a few more until they normalize. Is there anything I can do to fix this? I have tried exercising, and doing thigh and ham curls on a bench, and although they feel stronger, the weak knee issue is still there. Thanks!

Hello Bud,

Sorry to hear about all the knee issues.  Hopefully, what I offer will help.
It sounds like your muscles in your upper legs are strong enough, but not flexible enough,
which is why you need they take a little time to work properly when you stand up.

The good news is that you can release them and they should work much better.  And if need be you
can do a few of the things I show you throughout your workday if need be.
I'm going to recommend you go to my free website and follow along with the videos on my
Chondromalacia Knee Pain Relief page here,
I think you'll find that your thigh muscles are pretty tight.
Also, video 2 on my Best Quadriceps Stretches page,
shows you a great technique you can do whenever you're having a little trouble
getting going after driving all day, but feel free to do it throughout the day to keep
things from getting so tight.

I think these techniques should prove to be effective.  You can do them as much as needed.

All the best,
Gary Crowley

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