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hello , I saw your video for joint pain in fingers. But I am wondering if this pressing on the side of the knuckle should be done if there is still swelling of finger. I slammed my finger against a door frame almost two weeks ago; the bruising is gone but there is still swelling in knuckle. Should I wait until swelling is gone before I attempt this?

Hi Sally,

Since you said "video" and not "videos" I want to make sure you've seen the whole 3 Video Series on Finger Joint Pain Relief,
so here's the free page with all the videos,

And to answer your question, "Yes, it's okay to work on your swollen knuckle."   If it's been two weeks and the bruising is gone then
now is the time to work on it.  In my experience working on it will help the swelling go down better than waiting and doing nothing.
Unfortunately, it will be painful to work on your knuckle, so just do it at a level where you feel like you can do it regularly (every day or multiple times a day if you are willing.  They sometimes take persistent work for a couple or few weeks depending on what you did to it, but you can do it.

Hope this helps.

Gary Crowley

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