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Hello: I wrote to you before about my pelvic pain, and you sent me a do it yourself short cut. Turns out my right hip was pushed in from a fall. Physio moved my hip back into place, but all the muscles that are attached to it are really sore. So the hip seemed to causee my pelvic pain when it was dislocated. All the muscles and nerves around the right hip are sore. I think my pelvic will get better now that the hip is not irritating them.
Do you have a do it yourself for hip pain?

Hello Barrie,

I'm glad to hear of your progress!  Yes, I do have a Hip Pain Relief page here,

Again, just like before, follow along with the videos and release all the areas with inappropriately tight tissue.
Keep up the good work!  Sounds like you are almost there.

All the best,

Gary Crowley

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I can show 95 percent people how to relieve or eliminate their own joint pain for basically every joint in their body. 95 percent of joint pain, even chronic joint pain, is due to the shortening and tightening of tissue around joints. I show people how to release that tight tissue that is causing their pain. Every joint and every person is unique, but the principles to free yourself from pain are the same in 95 percent of cases.


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