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hi doctor,

I got a fracture in my ankle doctor casted a plaster over it after 3 days I started feeling burning sensation on my heel under plaster though I dint get any injury in heel . burning is manageable but making me uncomfortable can you please tell me reason for it and what should I do ?


Hello Ahmed,

Sorry to hear about your ankle injury.  Your burning sensation could just be from the swelling in the area that has occurred from your ankle injury, and if it is caused directly from the swelling I'm not sure there is much you can do.
BUT, sometimes that burning sensation can be caused by tight tissue above the ankle, in the calf, upper leg, hips, and lower back.  If you think of the nerves that innervate your heel like strings that originate in your lower back and hips, then if the string gets pulled on by tight tissue up above, you will sometimes feel it all the way down in your foot.
I've had many people over the years who experience what you have after an injury that makes them sit or lie down a lot with a cast on their lower leg.
I have a free website that will hopefully show you how to stop this burning feet sensation,

I do hope it helps.

All the best,
Gary Crowley

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