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Three weeks ago I began feeling acute pain in my ankle where it connects to the leg. Whenever I walk, the simple act of bending that joint hurts terribly. I went to the doctor and he took x-rays to rule out sprains or broken bones. He said to ice it, take tylenol, and stay off of my feet, which I've done, but the pain is just not going away. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm a very active person and it's hellish not being able to walk. I'd appreciate any advice.

Hi Cindy,

Sorry to hear about your ankle.  The good news is that you already went to the MD and ruled out that there are any breaks or tears that are causing your pain.  So that only leaves "tight soft-tissue" as the cause.  Most chronic structural pain is caused by the tightening and shortening of tissue around joints, which inhibits their ability of to move freely without pain.

I'm going to recommend that you go to my completely free joint pain relief website, specifically my Ankle Pain Relief page,
where I show you how to free yourself from pain all by yourself.  I think there is a very good chance this will help you out of pain.

All the best to you,

Gary Crowley  

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