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Wrist Braced
Wrist Braced  
Hello and Thank You for taking the time out of your day to consult with me.

Two days ago I had a dog on a leash sitting in the grass, the leash was wrapped around my hand with my wrist bracing the leash as seen in the photo. The Dog saw something and jerked my arm moving me a couple feet which hurt and left my arm feeling sore but nothing major, then today my wrist started hurting alot more, restrictive movement with sharp pains slightly above the area noted in the picture.

If I bend my hand down towards me there is less pain but bending it outward away from me like how the dog pulled it becomes restrictive with sharp pains.

That is all said to lead up to the question did this just pull a muscle or is it likely more? if its just a muscle how do I provide relief while it heals... ice seems to hurt more.

Hello Jay,

Sorry to hear about your injury.  I've actually done the same thing myself.
Two things generally happen with an event like yours.  First, the tendon attachment
from the muscle to the bone gets inflamed.  Second, the ligaments that go from bone
to bone get strained a bit.
It will generally heal on its own over time, but if you want to fix it yourself (or at least rapidly improve
your time of recovery) then go to my free Do It Yourself Joint Pain Relief website, that has videos for every joint in your body.
The Wrist Pain Relief page should help you a lot,
Be patient and persistent, and if you investigate a bit to find the tight tissue that
is making your wrist hurt (basically, you'll move your wrist a bit in the way that makes it hurt and then feel in your forearm and palm for the tissue that makes that movement occur), and you then release it, you should notice a lot of relief.
You can do it!  Literally, tens of thousands of people have done this on my wrist page alone.
I do hope this proves helpful.

All the best,
Gary Crowley

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