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Hi, i have been having sharp pain in my knee for a long time and never got it seen too for some reason, its not always there but occurs pretty much daily especially after using the knee for only about 2-4 hours and then it becomes impossible to walk normaly, stepping on it causes a sharp pain in the right side of the knee and under the knee cap and all around it, usually the pain lasts a few days even on resting, sometimes i will wake up with this pain after sleeping. So my question is would you have a vague idea of whats going on or what it sounds like this is? Its been happening for a few years i must admit. There is a history of osteoarthritis in my family ( both my mum and grandmother have arthritis) could this be it? Or is it something else? Any answer or leads to a future answer would be awesome, i am 24 and this has been happening since i would say 20-21ish. Any further information you need im happy to give

Hi Jordan,

Sorry to hear about the knee pain.  Sounds like you have tight quad muscles and that are pulling a bit on your knee joint and making it hurt.  The key would be to release your quads and give your knee joint more space and freedom to function.  

I have a free website that shows you have to do this.  I'd recommend my Chondromalacia Patella Knee Pain Relief page,

Just dive in and see if it helps.  If the tissue is tight and you release it then it should help.

All the best,

Gary Crowley

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