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Hi I work a very physical job. I have recently had 3 of my ribs dislocated front and back. I went to the chiropractor and he popped them all back in. Felt better immediately. Then I went back to work the next day because I can not afford to not be there. I notice since having them fixed that under my arm down the same side as the ribs that were injured, I have an aching that goes from the back of my shoulder under my arm and through my breast. It sometimes swells up a bit if I am using it too much. My question is is this related to my rib issue...and if so how do I fix it. Thank you. Nicole

Hi Nicole,

Sorry to hear about the injury.  It sounds like there is some tight tissue from the injury that still needs to be released.  The tissue tightens when you get injured to protect you, but sometimes doesn't let go very well after you are healed.  So you need someone skilled in releasing the tissue.

You can try and do it yourself on my free website.  I'd probably do the Upper Back Pain Relief page,
and then the Shoulder pain page,
to free all the muscles around your shoulder blade.

But, for a professsional to do it,
I'd recommend you go to these two websites,
Call the practioners in your area and go to someone who you feel has the best chance of helping you.
I'd generally recommend someone who has been in practice at least 5 years, preferably 10 years.  And feel free to try more than one person if you don't feel like you've found a good one. Also, some will only want to do a ten session series, but some will also be willing to do “fix-it” work and just fix the areas where you are having pain issues. I'm optimistic that this could be of benefit, so at least think about it.

I do hope this proves helpful
All the best,
Gary Crowley

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