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It's been a week where i can feel a burning sensation and a dull pain in upper armpits... I don't feel any during sleep. It's only on the day time i feel them and there is no lumps or bumps or rash of anykind and feels no pain when i lift my hands. Could you please let me know what could be reason if it?

Hi Jay,

Sorry to hear about the dull pain.

If there were bumps I'd think it's just inflammed lymph nodes, but since there are no bumps, I think you may just have some
tight tissue in your shoulder girdle that might be yanking on the nerves in that area and giving you that sensation.  I don't
know how much time you spend on the computer, or driving, or lifting weights, or gaming in a certain position, but some of
those activities can tighten certain muscle groups and cause issues similar to yours.
It's important to know that the tight tissue causing the dull pain may not be where you feel the pain.  It may be in your
chest along your clavicle where there are a lot of nerves that run down your are and armpit, could be up by your neck, etc.
And it also just might be where you feel the pain, but just fyi.
I'm going to have you go to my free website that shows you DIY Joint Pain Relief.  And even though you don't technically
have joint pain, it will show all the things you need to do to most likely get rid of your pain.
I'm going to give you the link the the Shoulder Joint Pain Relief page, which should cover what you need.
I do hope it helps.

All the best,
Gary Crowley

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