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Hi Gary I was a long distance runner and started having groin/testicle pain over 1 1/2 yrs. ago. Initially prescribed naproxen and rest. Symptoms always returned and usually seemed to flare up after running. I've had done
treatments and such as naproxen, massage, P.T. 2x and Chiro for  2 mo. with electric stim. Active release techniques, shoe inserts, ultrasound treatment plus a ultrasound test on my scrotum, sports orthopedist visits, inguinal hernia sx although visual hernia seen, MRI with anthagram to left hip(labral tear detected) pain injection to left Hip, left hip arthroscopy sx. I might be missing a few things but you get the point. Well I am
Still having testicle pain, mainly in the left side and came across your YouTube video to help
Relieve testicle pain using the tennis ball. So far I feel like it's helped! It can't have been that simple! If this stands
up to be the cure I will pass this on to everyone I can. My lower back feels better too! How can all these medical professionals missed this?

Hi Matthew,

Well, that's exactly why I built my "free to the world" website
Too many folks in pain who just don't need to be if they had a little bit of good info.

Let me just put it this way, western doctors do many many incredible and amazing things, especially when
something is ripped or broken, what they can do is truly remarkable.
That said, when you have chronic structural pain where nothing is ripped or broken, it's not really what
they are trained to deal with.  This is because "the fix" is found in almost an "opposite way" of thinking about a
body that is required to treat the pain.  And that's because "where it hurts, is not WHY it hurts" (much of the time) when you
have chronic structural pain where nothing is ripped or broken.

My practice for the last 27 years is full of people like you. It's a wonderful thing to be able to help someone
"who has been to everyone", yet they are still out there trying to find a solution.

Hope that answers your question.
Thanks for telling folks about my website.  It really is meant for the world.
All the best,
Gary Crowley

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